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david-aylor-imageI have been working with Juvo City now for more than a year. When we started I had very little online presence and I was spending a fortune on print and radio advertising (and I really did not know if it was working). Today we have thousands of engaged online followers, friends and referral partners that account for more than 50% of our new business. My cost per lead is lower and my return on marketing investment has more than doubled …and we now know precisely the source of our new business.

Managing a successful law firm has many challenges – thankfully one thing I don’t have to worry about is marketing! I would definitely recommend Jody and his team to any professional services provider who wants to develop or grow their business online.

David Aylor, Attorney

Winner: 2015 Best Lawyer in Charleston

David Aylor Law Offices

bart-smith-imageI have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but their [attract, inform, engage] process has given my business significantly more opportunity to get more clients and referrals. In the past fourteen months we have developed a solid core of prospects, referral partners and clients in a business where competition is fierce – And I had no idea you could actually create “word of mouth!”

Thanks Juvo City – you made me a believer.

Bart Smith, CEO

Bartlett Smith Real Estate Appraisers


Juvo City · Cutting edge marketing, period.

Juvo City was developed by one of Charleston’s leading business advisors as a new online marketing strategy for professional service providers. While spending time providing excellent service for your clients, do you find your online marketing and business development ideas falling through the cracks? You know you could do more but wish there was more time? Our goal is for Juvo City to become the one thing your business can’t function without.

Contact us today we’d love to hear how we can help.




WordPress · Where online marketing begins.

It is estimated that nearly one quarter of all new websites worldwide are running WordPress, a staggering statistic considering the abundance of content management options available. As part of your account setup, JuvoCity will design or redesign your website using all the latest in SEO best practices and social media connectivity.

Blog Creation · Gain authority and create awareness.

Chances are you know the importance of blogging in business today. If you’re like most people, you just can’t find the time. Juvo City will create periodic blog postings that are designed to speak to your audience, creating authority for you and top of mind awareness for your business.


SEO  · Meet users where they are looking.

Any online marketing plan must have at it’s core a best in class Search Engine Optimization solution. Our SEO team works to ensure that you get where you need to go. Using your analytics report we consult periodically with you on keywords to target and seek out your market base to help generate leads.



Mobile Optimization · Engage mobile users effectively.

Google has recently implemented new changes that actually demote websites in search engine results when they are not mobile friendly. Juvo City will ensure this does not happen to you by creating your website optimized for a wide range of devices and screen resolutions.



Social Media – Feeling overwhelmed?

Let Juvo City handle it. As you are probably well aware, the landscape of marketing and networking has changed. As people switch off to traditional forms of networking they are switching on to Social Media. Juvo City will setup and maintain content on all of your Social Media accounts, ensuring a professional look, feel, and consistent brand message across all platforms.

Reputation Monitoring – Ahead of the game.

In this day of lightening fast media, reputation and review sites have become a key factor in how people make decisions. Juvo City will monitor your reputation across many of the more popular review sites to ensure that you are listening when folks comment about your services.


Comprehensive Implementation · We handle it all.

While website and social media marketing is the main focus in today’s environment, it’s also important to be engaged at all levels. That’s why we offer a full range of products and features to improve your brand. Our list of offerings includes:



Quarterly White Papers from Blog Content


Email Updates to your Client Database


Customized Marketing Plan


Quarterly Press Releases and Syndication


Email Marketing


Quarterly Analytics Review and Strategy Updates


E-Book Creation

Our Core is Your Core · For people like you.

We understand the importance of finding and focusing on core business. That’s why we work exclusively with certain types of businesses so they have a place to call home.  We put years of experience to work in tailoring marketing strategies for you and your partners. Attorneys, accountants, real estate agents and financial advisors find a home at JuvoCity.



Budget Conscious · Tiered pricing to suit your needs.

Whether you are a company just starting out or a seasoned business looking to broaden your horizons, we have many options available to ensure you’re able to make the numbers work. Our number one goal is for our service to pay for itself. We expect you’ll find JuvoCity is something you can’t afford NOT to have.



Jody Gouge

Jody Gouge

CEO and Guru

As one of Charleston’s leading business advisors for more than 15 years, Jody started Juvo City with the hopes of taking his expertise to the online marketing arena. Through his work with attorneys and professional service providers in the changing marketing landscape, Jody saw the need for a comprehensive online strategy, Juvo City is his answer. A resident of Mt. Pleasant, SC, Jody enjoys spending time with his family and helping business owners both new and old see their vision become reality.

Tripp Koon

Tripp Koon

Account Management and Local Artificer

With a background ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the offshore waters of SC, Tripp provides the creative itch for Juvo City. A web designer by trade, Tripp hopes to show Juvo City’s clients an online marketing experience that is both current and an improvement to the bottom line. He enjoys fishing, college football, spending time with family and volunteering with overseas humanitarian work.

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Cooper

Content Management and Design Diva

Kelly uses her design and communication skills to create new and interesting content for clients. With an eye for aesthetics and detail, Kelly’s goal for Juvo City clients is to help them identify and maintain a brand that is true to their essence. A travel-lover, Kelly spends much of her time visiting countries around the globe, often holding writing, design, and marketing seminars in places such as India and Thailand. She also enjoys food blogging, cycling, and cooking.

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